Mrs. Rausch/Ms. Gregoire 5th Grade Blue Team

Friday, March 23, 2012

Block 3

Here is another opportunity to try a quiz. Compare it to the first quiz and tell me your thoughts.


  1. i think the test was easy to do. it was hard on one of the problems.

    1. @HL3
      Which problem was hard for you, and what was it dealing with?

  2. HL3
    I think that since we are doing this type of probability in class, these questions are a great review, especially since the test is tomorrow. This is a great review because the makers of this quiz are more than likely trying to get you to solve it with the F.C.P. This is how we need to learn to solve all probability problems like this.

  3. dear students and mrs.rausch,
    again... i had a lot of fun. its easer to do work on a computer then a pencil and paper. i love doing this... so... mrs.rausch. i have a question.. if i recall right, did u say we will be doing a lot of computer work in 7th grade and so one.. because if so.. I WOULD BE SOOOOOOOO HAPPPY!!!!!!! love therd block student...

  4. I think it was easyer becouse it is on the computer you can take a littal loger than with paper and peincl.And it is funner and easyer than with paper and peincl.


  5. I like these quizzes. They give you an oppertunity to practice in areas you may have trouble in.Can you make one on angles?

  6. PLEASE make one more before the OAA.Thanks, and happy testing.