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  1. Honey Bear Snack Mix
    3 cups square rice cereal
    2 cuops cinnamon bear-shaped graham snacks
    2 mini pretzel twists
    3 tablespoons butter or margarine
    2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey
    1/2 cup yogurt-covered raisins
    1/2 cup candy-coated chocolate pieces
    Set the oven to 350of.Spray the Stroneware Bar Pan with nonstick cooking spray.Place the cereal bear graham snacks and pretzels in a large bowl.2 Put butter in the classic batter bowl and place it in the microwave oven. Microwave the butter on high for 45 seconds or until it is melted. Remove the batter bowl from the microwave and add syrup to the melted butter.Mix well using the classic scraper.3 Pour the butter and syrup over the cereal mixture and stir gently. Pour the cereal mixture into the pan and spread it evenly over the bottom.4 Bake the snack mix for 12 minutes. Carefully remove the pan from the oven using oven mitts and put on a cooling rack.Wait until it is completely cool. Spoon the snack mix into a large bowl and stir in the raisins and choclate pieces.

  2. S'mores
    1 or 2 marshmellows.
    1/4 of a full size chocolate bar.
    2 grahem crackers.
    1. Roast your marshmellow to how ever you like it.
    2. Put your roasted marshmellow on the grahem cracker.
    3. Smash your marshmellow with chocolate.
    4. Put the other grahem cracker on top of the chocolate.
    And now you have a s'more bet you didn't know how to make that.

  3. Good recipe KW and now mine!

    The worlds best Chocolate Milk!

    1 Glass
    1 Gallon of Milk
    1 Container of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
    1/2 A Hershey's Chocolate Bar
    1 Spoon
    1 Smile

    1. Pour 1 cup of milk into your glass.
    2. Slowly pour in the chocolate syrup as you count to 10 1/2.
    3. Take the half bar of chocolate and crush it up in the with your spoon.
    4. Stir the mixture until it is completely brown.
    5. Drink and enjoy (seriously, it's good!)

    There you have it, the worlds best chocolate milk! It's really good!

  4. Chocolate Trail Mix

    What you'll need

    -Chocolate Chips
    -Reeses Pieces
    -Pretzels (Small ones are the best )
    -And A good taste for chocolate
    Oh and it doesn't matter how much of stuff you want in it.

    1. Take out a bowl.
    2. Gather supplies
    3. Pour the chocolate chips in the bowl
    4. Pour the Reeses Pieces in the bowl
    5. Shake the bowl for like 2 seconds
    6. Pour in the Whoppers.
    7. Mix again
    8. Add the pretzels (Again small ones are the best.)
    9. Shake the bowl as best as you can.
    10. Put into a baggie ( If you are having a party you can leave in in the bowl)

    Now enjoy :D


  5. GH B1 that looks very good. I'm going to try that sometime

  6. GH1 Wow nice idea. :D I'mma try that. I'm in love with chocolate milk. Like who isn't? And KW I love S'mores. I think I make mine exactly like that. Amazing right?


  7. BH that looksa yummy and I have a taste for chocolate and think that you should make another chocolate based recipe!

  8. this sounds good!!!!!

  9. Banana in a Blanket

    1 whole wheat tortilla
    1tb. of peanut butter (I think you should have more)
    1 banana
    1ts. of honey (Maybe a little more)
    1tb. of nutty nugget cereal

    1.Lay tortilla ona plate and spread peanut butter evenly
    2.Repeat step 1 with honey (don't use same amount0
    3.Sprinkle cereal
    4.Place banana in tirtilla
    5.Roll it up and "dig in."
    CD2 :-P

  10. CD,
    That recipe sounds really delicious. I think my husband would like to eat this for a snack! I am going to have to try it and see what he thinks.


  11. LFB2
    that sounds really good!
    KB B2


    1. rice crispy ceral
    2. marshmellows 5-8 big
    3. bowl
    4. BIG SPOON
    5. microwave


    1. put marshmellow in microwave for 30 seconds ONLY if any longer they will explode

    2.once melted pour in the rice crispies and mix

    3. form into blocks put on a pan and let it sit for 10-15 min or chill in freezer

    NLG B2

  13. If you are going to try my receipe (Banana in a Blanket) it will fill you up. No kidding. I eat it for lunch during the weekend... only that. If you don't believe me... then try it. I'm glad ar1,2,3 is trying it.

  14. I'm starting to think people aren't trying my food. :-( I want at least 3 comments. ar1,2,3 is 1. 2 more to go.


  15. GH B1, I tried your receipe and it didn't work. I think I might of missed a few steps. Also, could you use CHOCOLATE milk instead of regular milk? (just asking.)

  16. Chocolate covered popcorn

    3 cups of popcorn
    2 bars of white or milk chocolate
    red and green sprinkles

    Melt chocolate in a pan.
    1/2 way melted pop popcorn. (do not put butter or salt on)
    seat popcorn on a cookie pan with wax paper on.
    poor chocolate on popcorn.
    then add sprinkles right away.

    cool then put in bowl.
    eat and enjoy